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623 Lunt Ave
Schaumburg , IL 60193
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About us
A & J Powder Coat Finishers, Inc.’s 10,000 sq. ft. Facility is conveniently located in the heart of Schaumburg’s Centex Industrial Park. A & J Powder Coat Finishers, Inc. has been in business of spray painting since 1964. We have one manual conveyor line, which is primarily used for big parts. On this line we can paint parts as big as 18ft x 6ft. The parts are baked in batch oven, which is 20ft. X 8ft. X 8ft. We also have a motorized conveyor line which is used for smaller parts under 5ft x 3ft. This line has on line oven. Either line can be used for Powder or Liquid type of paints.

We can use practically any type of paints; Powder, Enamel, High Solids, Water Base, Urethanes, Acrylic, Lacquer, Epoxies and more... All type of finishes; Hammerloid, Wrinkle, Textures Duranodics, Metallic and more...

Parts are pre-inspected for any defects or inconsistency prior to release for further process. As they come off the line, all parts are visually inspected for cosmetic appearance and an adhesion test is done randomly to make sure there is a good adhesion. We have color chips for all the colors being used so that we can compare the color with standard.

Custom Color Matching, any size run, and fast turn around are some of our specialty.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call us. We can give you an approximate quote on the phone.
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